For anyone who has to communicate publicly or privately, Shut Up and Say Something will change the way you think and revolutionize the way you connect with key audiences.
  • Sell yourself, your vision and expertise more persuasively and effectively to influence outcomes.

  • Step-by-step strategies and try-it-this-way techniques to make what you say meaningful and relevant to key listeners.

  • Tap into a wealth of specific examples from client coaching notes, conversations, interviews, presentations, meetings, speeches, hearings and brainstorming sessions to minimize mistakes, avoid misinterpretation and advance your agenda.

  • Apply lessons learned from high profile issues, the campaign trail, media interviews and corporate boardrooms to think on your feet and ace tough questions.

  • Laugh and learn from personal heartwarming stories and anecdotes shared by the author, her clients and well known personalities to better connect with employees, shareholders, customers, media and the community at large.

Packed with personal review notes from individual client coaching sessions, try it this way techniques, lessons learned from brainstorming sessions, closed door meetings, client conversations and management of high profile issues, this insightful book is brimming with funny heartwarming stories, examples and lessons learned from the author's twenty year career in television news, a run for political office and communications advisor to some of the nation's biggest companies.

"I have two copies of this book. It's an awesome read. Very actionable and highly relevant to all of us."

- Scott Crossin, QVC


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Karen Friedman is an international communications expert who has worked with executives on four continents.

Author of the best selling book "Shut Up and Say Something: Business Communication Strategies to Overcome Challenges and Influence Listeners” (Praeger 2010), she heads Karen Friedman Enterprises, Inc. which teaches professionals how to become more powerful persuasive communicators.

An expert in message development and performance improvement, Karen was tapped by former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton to provide media and political training for women in South and Central America.

"A tremendous resource that should be required reading.”
Ed Rendell,
Former Governor of Pennsylvania

“Karen Friedman has a great gift for explaining how businesspeople need to think, talk, plan and react."
Jeffrey Zaslow,
Wall Street Journal columnist

"Shut Up and Say Something shows you how to keep your feet on the floor, and out of your mouth. It identifies every aspect of communication and teaches you how to think and process before saying a word. Not just eliminating embarrassing statements, but how to connect with thoughts and words. Buy it and raise your level of speaking from talking to engaging."
Jeffrey Gitomer, 
Author of The Little Black Book of Connections

"Shut Up and Say Something is a truly valuable resource for anyone who has to communicate in the competitive 21st century workplace."
David L. Cohen,
Executive Vice President
Comcast Corporation

"Karen was able to teach an old bear a few new communication tricks”
Jack Nicklaus,
professional golfer

"Karen is the best in the industry! Smart, experienced and very insightful."
Armando Anido,
CEO Auxilium Pharmaceuticals

Great stories with great solutions.
Vin Milano,
CEO Viropharma

"Karen Friedman’s coaching makes for more powerful and persuasive interviews, every time."
Drew Murphy,
NRG Energy Executive Vice President

"Karen Friedman's book is a must-read for anyone looking to make organizations more responsive to their customers, employees, investors, or suppliers."
Harvey Lamm,
Founder and former CEO
Subaru of America


Karen Friedman joins best-selling authors Stephen R. Covey (Seven Habits of Highly Effective People), Ken Blanchard (One Minute Manager) and Jack Canfield (Co – creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul) in a series of frank and intimate interviews on how to achieve success and make your dreams come true.

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